Monday, February 26, 2018

Spring Math Crafts for First Grade!

This spring, make it easy on yourself by incorporating easy-to-prep, FUN math craftivities to reinforce first grade math skills in the classroom. Students enjoy cutting, pasting and matching to create unique projects that can be easily differentiated to meet the needs of all learners in your classroom. Math craftivities are visually appealing, and make instant eye-catching bulletin board displays. Check out some more below, and score a *freebie* while you’re here!

Irish Luck (Graphtivity)
Students will survey their friends, families or school staff to find out if they think they have the luck of the Irish! Then, they will record results on an interactive graph craft.
Pots of Gold True or False
Students will decide if equations within 20 are true or false, and then sort them on 2 pots of gold at the end of a rainbow! The finished product will look great for a bulletin board display. 

Leprechaun Fact Family
Students will have multiple opportunities to create fact families on a fun leprechaun that they put together themselves. Try hanging them on student lockers for an eye-catching display! 

Shamrock Show-It
Students will read and solve multiple word problems that involve addition and subtraction…they are encouraged to “show it” before writing their answer.

Easter Bunny True or False
Students will decide if equations within 20 are true or false, and then sort them on an adorable Easter bunny craft that they can personalize.

Egg-Cellent Number Order
Students will reinforce their understanding of number orders involving numbers 1-120 by making a fun Easter egg that they can decorate. Multiple eggs are included that each student can use!
Easter Basket Make a Number
Your class will have fun making Easter baskets to demonstrate their understanding of fact families! They will fill eggs with multiple addition and subtraction sentences that equals their targeted number to put in their basket.
Compare-it Umbrella
Students will make spring umbrellas that involve
cutting and pasting the appropriate symbols to demonstrate an understanding of greater than, less than or equal using numbers up to 100.
Spring Birds Fact Families
Students will demonstrate knowledge of fact families while creating a fun bird craft. There are 10 options to choose from, so students can have multiple opportunities to practice this skill!

Sunny Day Word Problems
Your class will practice solving word problems involving numbers 1-10, and will show their work using a ten frame on this colorful spring image.

Favorite Spring Animal (Graphtivity)
Students will survey their friends, families or school staff to find out what spring animal is the favorite! Then, they will record results on an interactive graph craft.
Number Sense Flower
Your class will have fun making these colorful flowers to demonstrate their number sense involving 2-digit numbers. Better yet, there are 20 different flowers to choose from!  

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Friday, February 9, 2018

Extreme Weather: MEGA Pocketbook Unit !

Hi Everyone!
As elementary teachers, we have found that a favorite topic among our students is always extreme weather! Kids love learning interesting facts about how nature can lead to severe storms, and can tie learning back to their own personal experiences. Do you need something that is well-organized, easy to differentiate, and covers a variety of information about this important topic?
Look no further and check out this blog post that describes The Extreme Weather and Natural Disaster Pocketbook Unit. You will be able to seamlessly move through content with your students, and each child will be able to create their own pocketbook portfolio along the way to store their work. Students, parents and administrators LOVE the impressive final product, and it will be a keepsake that they will be proud of and love to show off!! This mega unit includes all the materials you will need to help your students learn about:
·      Blizzards
·      Hurricanes
·      Tornadoes
·      Earthquakes
·      Tsunamis
·      Wildfires
Check out the different elements below that are included in all 6 units. Then, look for a link at the end to grab an exclusive FREEBIE that provides materials  for multiple activities relating to one of these fierce storms!

PowerPoint Presentations

Begin the unit by engaging your class with a colorful PowerPoint presentation to grab their attention and get them thinking.

Easily move into a group discussion after the open-ended question is given on the last slide to give students a chance to demonstrate their knowledge about the topic.

Re-visit the PowerPoint throughout the week based on the needs of your class and time frame of your lesson.

Student Workbooks

Color print, then staple the workbooks together for each student. Trim the edges if time allows to make a smaller booklet that will fit nicely in each pocket.

Students can read for information on the topic then answer comprehension questions related to the topic at the bottom of each page. Students may benefit from working with a partner or small group. For students below level, you may choose to open the document onto a Smart Board and read along with them in a whole group setting. 6 workbooks are included in the bundle-one for each type of extreme weather or natural disaster.

Anchor Chart

Use the colorful pictures and text at the beginning of the unit to create beautiful anchor charts that can be displayed in your classroom throughout the unit.

As students move throughout the unit, have students recall facts learned and have them actively participate in creating the anchor chart.


Vocabulary Cards
Print, laminate and cut these eye-catching vocabulary words to serve as visuals for students to refer back to throughout the unit.

Hang them on your word wall, classroom door, bulletin boards, or even make students their own copies of the cards to serve as an easy reference.

Interactive Vocabulary Puzzle Pieces

Vocabulary picture-definition-word puzzle pieces are perfect to use for centers, partner work or even for practice as homework. You can laminate and cut the pieces to use year after year in centers or let the students have their own copies to put into their pocketbook. The students love to manipulate the puzzles and then use the vocabulary cards to check their work!

Vocabulary Flip Books

Students can demonstrate their knowledge of key vocabulary words using the interactive vocabulary flip book.

Give students picture cards, and they can cut, match, and glue onto corresponding outer flaps. Then, students can write the definition/describe the vocabulary words using the lines on the inside of the book.

Graphic organizers and writing paper

Students complete graphic organizer either as an independent activity or whole group to demonstrate their knowledge of the topic, writing multiple key details and facts. Then, students can use the graphic organizers as a reference to create a longer writing piece, consisting of multiple paragraphs.
There are 2 options for handwriting lines to easily differentiate student needs.

Supplemental Pages and Early Finisher Work

Multiple activities are included to supplement the content learned through the student comprehension workbooks and the PowerPoint presentation. Activities can be used for morning work, early finishers, or for homework. Activities include: ABC order, a crossword puzzle, acrostic poem, and word search.

  Instructions for creating the pocketbook are included in your download. They are really easy to make! All you need is a binding machine (most schools already have one), binding combs and construction paper. I use the binding machine below. Its inexpensive and works great! It even comes with a few free binding combs.

--> Binding Machine 
--> Binding Combs 
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Happy Teaching! :)